Thanks for coming MakerFair NewYork!

Thanks for coming MakerFair NewYork!

Thank you for coming our booth at MakerFair NewYork 2017!
Our exhibition was successful!
We enjoyed the MakerFair.

Our booth was located in “ROBOTS” area.

We brought all obniz prototypes from Japan.
And We showed “Thanks Tweet Robot” at there to show how obniz integrates web services.

Also, In our booth, kids made their own robots from papers and cups.
We provided battle fields and let kids to use it.
All kids was creative! So amazing.

Guests was not only kids.
We introduced our products to them.
And got some feedbacks.

Thanks again.
Obniz become in production and sales.
Now we are working hard on it.

We will exhibit on next MakerFair.
See you next time!

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