Hackathon was held

We held a “obniz hackason” with software engineers.
Good feedbacks we got!

( people with PocketChange inc )

Hackason was short time.
We explained how obniz works and how to program with obniz to software engineers.
Of-course They didn’t know about obniz, and even They didn’t know what “servo motor” is.
But They started using obniz with short lesson. They used displays, leds, buttons, and motors like DCmotor, Servomotors with reading document on our website.
One guy tried to make a robot behave like BB-8 toy ( random moving ).


We got some feedbacks.
These are part of it.

  • Switch on obniz could be used from user program. not only for wifi setup.
  • obniz.js should be managed on GitHub. It makes people to fork/pull-request.
  • The behavior when obniz wifi connection was closed should be programmable.
We have started development regarding these feedbacks.
First, obniz.js is now on GitHub.
We are working on other good feedbacks.

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