Can we program Obniz directly (without cloud)?

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obniz can’t be flashed user program. Even if with cloud.
User program runs on user’s environment.
For example, You can use obniz from your HTML as javascript code. But the code is not flashed to obniz. It’s code runs in your browser when you opened the HTML.
This is the most significant feature compared from other development board.
User can use hardware in local environment like Browser/Nodejs. So it is easy to integrate any other web services. like pressing button ==> tweet something.
Especially in HTML, just one HTML is needed to integrate Webpage and hardware.
And it runs immediately without flashing. And multiple HTML can integrate with one obniz.
However, obniz has debug port on right-side. you can flash ESP32 from it.
But It’s 12 IO is connected to not only ESP32. But also connected to one more microprocessor(PIC16F18875).
obniz controls 12 IO from two microprocessor and more chips like motor-driver.
So If you want to program ESP32 to control 12 IO, then you need to program PIC and also need to prepare two processor integration.