Three month past and minor update of obniz board is coming


It was passed three month from we started sell obniz.

last three month, It was so excited to our team.


We have a news Today.

We manufactured minor updated version of obniz.

It’s just minor update. So, There is no new function. Also the dimension of PCB and positions of almost components are not changed.


There are two improvements.


First, We improved VCC of an obniz.

More stable and tough to vcc noises. It will improve A/D results from an obniz.

To do this, we improved chopper pattern and vias and also moved some resistors and capacitors.

Other components are not changed it’s position and angle.

If you need to improve noise with older version of obniz, see our post how to improve vcc noise on older version of obniz.


Second is package design.

The designer updated obniz paper-box package design.

We love it.

The dimension is same as older one.


This is not on sales yet.

We will start replace on each online stores.

You can check which version you will get on the store by checking photos of pcb and package.


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